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Handcrafted Connections E-Book

Handcrafted Connections E-Book

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Are you ready to discover new ways to generate product income right from your local community?

This book is the start of someting incredible for your business.  Are you sick of thinking locals don't want to pay the price for your crafts?  Well guess what?  The business community is not only willing, but will never question your fair pricing, because they know how hard you work.

Let me help you expand your horizons and learn that local selling is not just about doing craft shows or selling through community garage sale sites!

Discover Hidden Opportunites - Beyond craftshows and individual sales, theres a vast, and often overlooked market in local businesses
The Power of Networking - Learn the significance of effective networking. How to approach, engage and sell to local businessOvercoming Insecurities and Building Confidence - Actionable stragegies for building your elevator pitch, and transforming opportunities into sales
As a BONUS!!! - receive the list of 10 businesses eager to buy from your craft business.
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